About us

Focal Development Finance Limited is a not-for-profit development finance institution established in September 2014 to respond to the needs of micro and small enterprises, low income households particularly housing and infrastructural bottlenecks in Uganda. Focal Development Finance initiated operations on 1st June 2015 with its local enterprise development programme which targets micro and small enterprises in Agriculture, Industry and Technology. Focal Development Finance is committed to building such enterprises through the provision of finance and technical services.

Belief Systems

The mission of Focal Development Finance is drawn from the following beliefs:
1. A belief in the made in Uganda brand.
2. A belief in small enterprise growth.
3. A belief in a nation of achievers.
4. A belief in homes of honour.
5. A belief in a diverse capital city.
6. A belief in safe, well developed and widely accessible infrastructure.


To be an institution that implements change through innovation and implementation of works.

Core Values

1. Passion: We work with great enthusiasm. 2. Integrity: We stand for the honesty and truth in whatever we do. 3. Commitment: We work with dedication to fulfill our obligations. 4. Knowledge: We provide solutions based on a clear understanding of issues.


Products and Services

Our local enterprise development programme targets micro and small enterprises in the sectors of Agriculture, Industry and Technology providing financial and technical services.
Our technical services include:
1. Enterprise development services
2. Awareness and business advisory
3. Business formalisation and regularization

Financial Services

Focal Development Finance provides loan finance. The credit process is transparent and clients are adequately briefed on conditions before any disbursements are made. Credit is disbursed on reducing balance at competitive rates. Typical repayment periods are monthly with availability of one month grace periods. Loans are secured by movable or immovable collaterals. Start ups in Industry and Technology sectors are acceptable for loan finance.

Technical Services

Technical services are typically advanced to clients as part of the loan package through client trainings. Certain top up fees are however applicable depending on the nature and extent of the service requirements to ensure cost effectiveness. Our Officers make assessments of clients and recommend what kind of trainings they can benefit from. Informal businesses which are ready for formalisation qualify for loans to formalise operations upon successful appraisal.

Our Partners

Organisations that we work closely with and active partners of Focus Development Finance.

Have a question?

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